Pink Floyd-The Wall: The lost documentary

This is a short behind-the-scenes documentary filmed during the tour in support of Pink Floyd's The Wall album, released in November of 1979. The tour took place between 1980 and 1981. The shows were incredibly expensive and extremely difficult to produce. Because of this fact, the tour only consisted of 31 shows in 4 different cities:
London, England–11 shows
Dortmund, Germany–8 shows
Los Angeles, USA–7 shows
New York City, USA-5 shows

Comfortably Numb live at Earls Court, London 1980

The film documents the frenetic operation of mounting the staging of this incredible production in August 1980, at Earls Court, London. It  features interviews with all four original Pink Floyd members who recorded the album and their crew. 

The lost documentary