New Artists: Morph

Morph is a new progressive/alternative rock duo from southern Sweden consisting of Attila Bokor on vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards and Richard Sandström on drums. The two members of the band met at a musical degree in 2005 and they discovered that they shared the same taste in music. Eventually, they formed Morph, which blends the musical styles from the heavy to the melodic and it is influenced by bands such as Muse, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Frost*, German band Intersphere and Danish band Mew. Morph released its debut album, Sintrinity, on the record label Progress Records in December 2012. It's a concept album that tells a story about three persons and how their lifes intertwine with each other. It's a good, tight, well-made, progressive album, heavy and melodic at the same time. The music and vocals are competently performed, the songs are brilliantly composed by Attila and Richard, Attila's vocals are harmonious and Richard's drumming is intricate and skilled.

Sintrinity (2012) track listing:
1. A Breath Away 
2. At The Crossroads 
3. Reaching For You 
4. Wake Up 
5. The Final Bow 
6. It Feels Like The End 
7. The Journal

It Feels Like The End

In June 2013, Morph released an amazing single entitled "Wicked" with artwork created by Botond Bokor. The band is currently writing tracks for its second album.