Boffomundo Show: Robert Fripp interview 1979

The Boffomundo Show was an American music show that existed in the early daze of cable from 1979-80. Hosts were Ron Curtiss and Aaron Weiner and the show was co-produced and co-written with Len Peyronnin. Boffomundo is a name Ron Curtiss made up, which roughly translates into "big world", and since the show was dealing with essentially European music, it seemed to work. Interviews with progressive rock luminaries at the end of the first progressive wave included Robert Fripp (King Crimson founder), Phil Collins & John Goodsall (Genesis & Brand X), keyboardist Fumio Miyashta (Far East Family Band), fusion guitarist Al Di Meola (Return to Forever), singer Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM), bassist/vocalist John Wetton (King Crimson, U.K. and by 1981 Asia) and photojournalist & Genesis/Peter Gabriel biographer, Armando Gallo. This is King Crimson's Robert Fripp interview in 1979

Part I