Dream Theater: The Spirit Carries On drummer auditions 2010

Mike Portnoy
Mike Mangini
In September 2010, drummer and co-founder of the progressive metal band  Dream TheaterMike Portnoy announced that he would leave the band, citing burnout and his desire for a break as reasons. A month after Portnoy's departure, Dream Theater began auditioning for a new drummer in New York City. Seven of the worlds greatest drummers were invited to audition: Mike Mangini, Derek Roddy, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Aquiles Priester, and Peter Wildoer. The candidates were notified whether they had been chosen on November 2010. However, the results of the auditions were not made public until April 2011 via a three-part YouTube documentary series called The Spirit Carries On. In the last episode of the series, it was revealed that Mike Mangini was the drummer selected.

This is The Spirit Carries On documentary in three episodes in which the drummer auditions are captured.

Episode I