Yes: The Going for the One sessions 1976

Going for the One is the eighth studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes, released in 1977 on Atlantic Records. Produced after each member of the group released a solo record, the album marks the return of keyboardist Rick Wakeman, who departed in 1974 over musical differences in Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973). The band returned to producing shorter songs, unlike Tales from Topographic Oceans and Relayer where the tracks range from 9 to almost 22 minutes. Going for the One received a mostly-positive reception from music critics. It topped the UK Album Charts for one week.


After their extended break, the band regrouped in Montreux, Switzerland in late 1976. The album was recorded at Mountain Studios by recording engineers John Timperley and David Richards. After constructing epic tracks for the last few years, Yes felt inspired to scale things back a bit and recorded some of their most direct and concise material since Fragile. Wakeman also varied his sound by using the new polyphonic synthesizer out from Moog at the time -the Polymoog (largely forsaking Mellotron and RMI Electra Piano)- and using church pipe organ on "Parallels" and the extended track, "Awaken" (forsaking the Hammond organ that was a major part of both Yes' and Wakeman's sound). "Parallels" was originally intended for use on Chris Squire's solo album Fish Out of Water, but left out due to a combination of space constraints and a sense that the song didn't quite fit in. The band's return was a successful one, with Going for the One topping the UK Album Chart for one week. It peaked at number 8 on the US Billboard 200. The album spawned two singles: "Wonderous Stories" peaked at number 7 and "Going for the One" at number 24 in the UK singles chart.

Going for the One

After many successive album covers with Roger Dean, Yes (who also produced the album entirely by themselves) commissioned Hipgnosis instead (known for designing album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and UFO) to create the artwork for Going for the One. However, Dean's Yes logo was retained. The album cover features the Century Plaza Towers in Los Angeles, also known locally as the Twin Towers.

Track listing:
1. Going for the One 5:32
2. Turn of the Century 7:56
3. Parallels 5:53
4. Wonderous Stories 3:49
5. Awaken 15:31


Jon Anderson: vocals, percussion, harp
Chris Squire: bass guitar, vocals
Steve Howe: electric and acoustic guitars, Spanish Laúd, lap steel guitar, vocals
Rick Wakeman: piano, organ, Polymoog and Minimoog synthesizers, church organ
Alan White: drums, vibes, percussion

The footage that follows are the Going for the One recording sessions filmed at Mountain Studios, in Montreux, Switzerland in late 1976.

Part I

Part II