Genesis interviewed on Trespass

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Trespass is the second studio album by Genesis and was recorded and released in 1970. Their last album with guitarist Anthony Phillips, Trespass had a folk-flavoured progressive rock sound that was a marked departure from their earlier work. The compositions were generally much longer and more complex than those on Genesis' first album, and the recordings have a muted, pastoral sound. Trespass was the first of several Genesis albums to be recorded at London's Trident Studios. Although the album was not a commercial success in the UK (it eventually reached No.98 for one week in 1984), it was a critical one despite its lack of sales. However, the album fared much better in Belgium, where it reached No. 1, leading to the band's first overseas concerts in that country in March 1971.


After a year of Genesis playing shows almost nightly during 1969 and 1970 since the band left Decca, Tony Stratton-Smith approached Genesis and signed the band to Charisma. By mid-1970, Genesis had written and performed enough songs to fill over two full-length albums. The songs that the band felt were not strong enough to fit on Trespass, such as "Everywhere is Here," "Grandma," "Little Leaf," "Going out to Get You," "Shepherd," "Moss," "Let Us Now Make Love," and "Pacidy," were discarded by the time lead guitarist Anthony Phillips left the band and drummer John Mayhew's replacement. Though most of Genesis's songs were composed by the group as a whole, in a 1985 interview Mike Rutherford said that Trespass was the only Genesis album where every single song was composed by all the band members equally; every other album by Genesis had at least a few songs which were chiefly written by one or two individuals, with only minor contributions at most from the rest of the band. Trespass was largely ignored by the music press at the time of its release. The album cover was painted by Paul Whitehead, who also did the covers for the band's next two albums. Whitehead had finished the cover and then the band added "The Knife" to the running order. Feeling that the cover no longer fitted the mood of the album, they asked Whitehead to redo it. Reluctant to do so, Whitehead was inspired to slash the actual canvas with a knife.

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Track listing:
1. Looking for Someone (7:06)
2. White Mountain (6:45)
3. Visions of Angels (6:51)
4. Stagnation (8:50)
5. Dusk (4:13)
6. The Knife (9:00)



Genesis line-up:
Peter Gabriel–lead vocals, flute, accordion, bass drum, tambourine, percussion
Tony Banks–organ, piano, mellotron, guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rutherford–bass, acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, cello, backing vocals
Anthony Phillips–electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, backing vocals
John Mayhew–drums, percussion, backing vocals

John Anthony–Producer
Robin Geoffrey Cable–Engineer
Nick Davis–Over-Mixing (2008 release)
Tony Cousins–Mastering (2008 release)

This is the 2007 Reissues Interview with all Genesis' members on Trespass album, contained in the Genesis 1970–1975 box set which was released in 2008.

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