In the early 90's a wave of King Crimson inspired new prog rock bands emerged in Scandinavia. One of the first was the four piece formation Anekdoten from Sweden and they are still alive and progging, unlike their promising contemporaries Landberk. Anekdoten's roots are in 1990 when Nicklas Berg (guitar, mellotron and vocals) and Jan Erik Liljeström (bass and vocals) decided to found a progressive rock band. They named the band King Edward and the musicians started to rehearse, soon accompanied by drummer Peter Nordin. Their repertoire consisted of King Crimson's tracks. When cellist/keyboardist Anna Sofi Dahlberg joined King Edward, the band intensified the rehearsals, they started to write their own compositions, the band was renamed into Anekdoten and they released two demo-tapes under their new name in 1991 and 1992. With the second demo things started to roll for Anekdoten because several Skandinavian progressive rock labels showed their interest and invited the band to make a CD. But the band prefered to release their debut album entitled Vemod on their own label in the spring of 1993. The press hailed the obviously King Crimson inspired and mellotron drenched compositions. A strong point in the Anekdoten music is the tension between the mellow, often melancholical climates and the dynamic parts delivering Robert Fripp-inspired howling electric guitar, an aggressive and propulsive bass and splendid drums. In 1994 Anekdoten started a worldwide tour (including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Canada) with an acclaimed performance on the annual USA progressive rock festival Progfest as their absolute highlight. Some tracks from that performance are present on the Progfest 1994 double live CD and video. 



The flow

In 1995 Anekdoten released their eagerly awaited second album entitled Nucleus. With this album the band succeeded to sound more original and was on the way to develop its own musical identity. The next year Anekdoten toured around the same big European countries, but Japan turned out to be by far the most important country in which they've played and impressed a lot (besides Sweden). Vemod soon got re-released, followed by a mini-CD called Live EP. The band performed three shows in Japan, in 1997, which led to the release of an important double CD entitled Official Bootleg-Live in Japan (including five previously unreleased tracks), one year later. Tours reached, in the same year, the full North American continent. 


In the autumn of 1998 Nicklas Berg and Peter Nordins teamed up with Stefan Dimle and Reine Fiske from Landberk to form the band Morte Macabre, also released the album Symphonic Holocaust, mostly consisted of covered themes from horror movies, such as Cannibal Holocaust and Rosemary's Baby. The music is instrumental and characterised by improvisation and heavy use of mellotron and synthesizers. In 1999 Anekdoten released its third studio album, From Within pushing forwards a prog rock music with a particularly evolved style: very dynamic and compelling compositions featuring two different singers, a powerful bass, splendid, very creative and propulsive drums and many waves of the unsurpassed mellotron. The vocals have a bit melancholical undertone that fits perfectly to the music. Soon after, the band toured in many European and South-American countries. 2000 sees them in the annual USA progrock festival NEARfest.

From within 


After a hiatus, Anekdoten reunited to release Gravity in 2003. The sound remains of a typical Anekdoten strength, but is also more varied and experimental. The next three years meant a lot of gigs, including most notably their first tour in Poland, then the Baja Prog Festival in Mexico, an European tour with Ritual, a Norwegian tour, the Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany and two shows in Tokyo, Japan. These Japanese shows were recorded and released on the live album Waking The Dead-Live in Japan 2005 on the Japanese label Arcangelo, in 2005. 


The war is over


In 2006 Anekdoten started the rehearsals for their fifth studio album entitled A Time Of Day, released a year later (2007). It's remarkable that this new album sounds more as a successor to From Within than their previous effort Gravity. From sound to composition and from effects to emotions, this album encourages the idea of Anekdoten staying one of the strongest contemporary prog bands. Looking back at Anekdoten's history, it's amazing how they have turned from an obviously King Crimson inspired formation into a worldwide acclaimed prog rock band with their own identity delivering great tension and dynamics and an omnipresent sound of the mellotron as their trademark. Nicklas Barker has since 2010 has been involved in a side project called My Brother The Wind. A debut CD of improvised psychedelic rock entitled Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet was released in May 2010.

The great unknown

King Oblivion

Studio albums

Vemod (1993):
1. Karelia (7:20) 
2. The Old Man and the Sea (7:50) 
3. Where Solitude Remains (7:20) 
4. Thought in Absence (4:10) 
5. The Flow (6:58) 
6. Longing (4:50) 
7. Wheel (7:52) 
8. Sad Rain (10:14)

Nucleus (1995):
1. Nucleus (5:08) 
2. Harvest (6:58) 
3. Book of Hours (9:58) 
4. Raft (0:58) 
5. Rubankh (3:07) 
6. Here (7:23) 
7. This Far From The Sky (8:47) 
8. In Freedom (6:27) 
9. Luna Surface (6:41) (bonus track on the 2004 remaster)

From Within (1999):
1. From Within (7:25) 
2. Kiss Of Life (4:40) 
3. Groundbound (5:25) 
4. Hole (11:09) 
5. Slow Fire (7:26) 
6. Firefly (4:49) 
7. The Sun Absolute (6:39) 
8. For Someone (3:31)

Gravity (2003):
1. Monolith (6:07)
2. Ricochet (5:44)
3. The War Is Over (4:42)
4. What Should But Did Not Die (6:43) 
5. SW4 (6:04)
6. Gravity (8:19)
7. The Games We Play (3:24)
8. Seljak (5:16)

A Time Of Day (2007):
1. The Great Unknown (6:22)
2. 30 Pieces (7:13)
3. King Oblivion (5:02)
4. A Sky About To Rain (6:29)
5. Every Step I Take (3:06)
6. Stardust And Sand (4:29)
7. In For A Ride (6:47)
8. Prince Of The Ocean (5:30)