Supersister was a Dutch band from The Hague, Netherlands, playing progressive rock ranging from jazz to pop. They blend their own Dutch ideals and a touch of humor into a unique mixture of progressive rock. Plenty of flute or sax or both can be heard weaving in and out of the varied organ and piano. Supersister was one of the best groups from the Dutch progressive rock scene. The most predominant band members were Robert Jan Stips (keyboards, vocals), Sacha van Geest (flute), Marco Vrolijk (drums) and Ron van Eck (bass). The band started under the name Sweet OK Sister in 1968, as a school band with singer and songwriter Rob Douw, who soon left. The remaining members continued as a quartet under the name Supersister. Their style was Canterbury Scene progressive rock in which Stips' keyboards played a dominant role. Their debut was the 1970 album, Present from Nancy. It's an incredible debut-album featuring greats tracks, lots of flute and distorbed organ.



The album To the Highest Bidder (1971) is also a very good one. 

A girl named You

After the third album, Pudding en Gisteren (1972), van Geest and Vrolijk quit. The remaining crew, together with new members Charlie Mariano (wind instruments) and Herman van Boeyen (drums) released the album Iskander in 1973, which is a jazz-rock oriented concept album based upon the life of Alexander the Great. In 1974, Robert Jan Stips, Ron van Eck and Sacha van Geest released a final album, Sweet Okay Supersister, which marked the end of the band.

The band reunited in 2000, after a request by the Progfest for a performance in Los Angeles. The four 1970-1973 period band members decided to accept and the result was the requested performance, as well as a short tour through the Netherlands in late 2000 and early 2001. To mark the occasion a rarities album was released, called M.A.N. (Memories Are New) featuring live and studio recordings from 1969-1973. The reunion abruptly came to an end when van Geest unexpectedly died of heart failure in the summer of 2001. The reunion concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam was recorded and later released on CD (Supersisterious, 2001) and DVD (Sweet OK Supersister, 2006). The band reunited once more, as a three piece, in 2010 for two songs in a broadcast celebration concert for the 50 years of Dutch pop music. After this the band was scheduled to play at Nearfest 2011. Rehearsals were started, but the appearance at the festival had to be cancelled when Ron van Eck became seriously ill (he was already battling leukemia for a while) and eventually died in July 2011.

Studio albums

Present From Nancy (1970):

1. Introduction (2:57)
2. Present from Nancy (5:14)
Memories are New (Boomchick):
3. Memories are new (3:47)
4. 11/8 (3:16)
5. Dreaming Wheelwhile (2:52)
6. Corporation Combo Boys (1:21)
7. Mexico (4:21)
8. Metamorphosis (3:27)
9. Eight Miles High (0:22)
10. Dona Nobis Pacem (8:35)

To the Highest Bidder (1971):

1. A Girl Named You (10:08)
2. No Tree Will Grow (On Too High a Mountain) (7:40)
3. Energy (Out of Future) (14:55)
4. Higher (2:56)

Pudding En Gisteren (1972):

1. Radio (4:00)
2. Supersisterretsisrepus (0:16)
3. Psychopath (3:58)
4. Judy Goes on Holiday (12:38)
5. Pudding en gisteren (Music for Ballet) (20:59)

Iskander (1973):

1. Introduction (0:42)
2. Dareios the Emperor (4:51)
3. Alexander (7:02)
4. Confrontation of the Armies (2:47)
5. The Battle (7:59)
6. Bagoas (2:54)
7. Roxane (3:21)
8. Babylon (7:57)
9. Looking Back (4:33)

Sweet Okay Supersister (1974):

1. Retroschizive (Introduction schizo) (2:21)
2. Jelly bean hop (1:36)
3. Dangling dingdongs (6:54)
4. Sylvers song (Groan, stamp, shock, hoot) (3:09)
5. Cookies, teacups, buttercups (4:01)
6. Gi, ga, go (Gollumble jafers) (4:01)
7. It had to be (3:46)
8. Nosy parkers (4:26)
9. We steel so frange (Epilogue) (2:54)