Mark Wilkinson: Marillion's album cover artist

Mark Wilkinson, born in Windsor, England on 3 October 1952, is a British illustrator. He is best known for the detailed cover art that he created for a number of British bands, most prominently the neo-progressive rock band Marillion in the 1980s. Though versed in a number of techniques, he is considered to be a master of the airbrush. Wilkinson's first artistic creation for Marillion was the cover of their debut 12" EP Market Square Heroes (1982). 

Marillion-Market Square Heroes  (EP 1982)

Subsequently, Wilkinson's art work would be used on all of Marillion's albums and 12" releases through The Thieving Magpie (1988).

Marillion-He Knows You Know (single 1983)

Marillion-Script for a Jester's Tear (LP 1983)

Marillion-Assassing (single 1984)

Marillion-Fugazi (LP 1984)

Marillion-Kayleigh (single 1985)

Marillion-Lavender (single 1985)

Marillion-Misplaced Childhood (LP 1985)

Marillion-Heart Of Lothian (single 1985)

When frontman, vocalist and lyricist Fish left Marillion, Wilkinson went with him, providing the artwork for several of his 1990s albums and singles.

Fish-Something In The Air (single 1992)

Fish-Suits (LP 1994)

Fish-Bouillabaisse (compilation 2005)

Fish-Return to Childhood (live 2006)

In 1997, he collaborated with Bill Smith Studios, which had replaced him as Marillion's official art group, on the Best Of Both Worlds compilation CD. The compilation included songs from the eras of the band with and without Fish, and the record label, EMI, decided it should also include artwork reflective of both eras.

Marillion-The Best of Both Worlds (compilation 1997)

Marillion-Curtain Call-A Live Archive 1983-1988 (live 2004)

Marillion-Early Stages: The Official Bootlegs 1982-1987 (live 2008)

Although Wilkinson will likely always be most closely identified with Fish and Marillion (in a similar fashion to Roger Dean's association with Yes or Paul Whitehead's association with Genesis) he has also done album cover and concert poster artwork for several other bands, including Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, as well as miscellaneous pieces for Jimmy Page and others. Outside of the music community, he has also done numerous book covers, advertisements, comic art (including a 1993 Judge Anderson episode in the Judge Dredd Megazine) and commissioned pieces. In 2000, Fish and Wilkinson collaborated on a book, The Masque, which, in "back and forth" format, described the process by which the Marillion and Fish album covers were created.

The Fool (Private commission 2004)