Gila was a German progressive rock band, best known as one of the early and most important contributors to the Krautrock movement in the late-60s and early-70s. The band was from Stuttgart and managed just two studio albums before splitting. Their guitarist leader Conny Veit will be known latter as collaborator of both Popol Vuh and Guru Guru. In spite of their short discography, Gila is a very important group in the history of krautrock.


The band formed in early 1969, and with their new experimental sound they engendered a considerable fan base in Germany. The band's original lineup was Daniel Alluno (drums, percussion), Fritz Scheyhing (keyboards), Conny Veit (guitars, vocals), and Walter Wiederkehr (bass). The band recorded their debut album, Gila-Free Electric Sound in 1971. It was a highly ambitious album and one of the most important albums to come out of Western Germany. It had a very odd concept to reflect the group's progression from aggression to communication. The music on their debut runs continuously through the tracks and it's atmospheric. It's an instrumental album, full of spacy organ and mellotron, exotic rhythm structures, and loads of electronic effects. 


Gila disbanded in 1972. However, Conny Veit reformed the band again in 1973 with Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh (keyboards), Daniel Fichelscher (drums, percussion, bass) and Sabine Merbach (vocals). The band, with a new lineup, recorded their next studio album, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee  that same year. Their second album is very different and depicts the last and worst Indian massacre of native Americans back in the early 70's. It seemed a little anachronistic for it’s time. The music seemed to have more in common with psychedelic rock than with what was going on in the rock music at the time. This album has nice vocals and multi-part harmonies. It's an excellent recording throughout. It uses American Indian themes in the lyrics and music making. 

Sundance chant

In 1974 the band dismantled again. In 1999, the posthumous live album, Night Works, was released, which was recorded in 1972 and was originally intended for radio broadcast.

Around midnight

Studio albums

Gila-Free Electric Sound (1971):
1. Aggression (4:33) 
2. Kommunikation (12:47) 
3. Kollaps (5:30) 
4. Kontakt (4:30) 
5. Kollektivitat (6:40) 
6. Individualitat (3:36) 

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (1973):
1. This Morning (5:40) 
2. In A Sacred Manner (4:42) 
3. Sundance Chant (4:09) 
4. Young Coyote (3:18) 
5. The Buffalo Are Coming (7:20) 
6. Black Kettle's Ballad (4:24) 
7. Little Smoke (5:06) 
8. Mindwinds And Heartfrost (5:56) (Bonus track)

Live album

Night Works (1999):
1. Around Midnight (5:46) 
2. Braintwist (7:45) 
3. Trampelpfad (6:11) 
4. Viva Arabica (5:24) 
5. The Gila Symphony (13:46) 
6. Communication II (3:04) 
7. The Needle (0:52)