Atomic Rooster live: The Ultimate Anthology

This is a live Atomic Rooster footage of the band's television appearances on the Belgian TV in 1972 and on the German TV recorded between 1970 and 1972.

The Ultimate Anthology DVD:

1. Breakthrough (Belgian TV 1972)
2. Tomorrow (German TV 1970-1972)
3. Black Snake (Belgian TV 1972)
4. A Spoonfull Of Bromide (Belgian TV 1972)
5. Save Me (German TV 1970-1972)
6. Can't Find A Reason (Belgian TV 1972)
7. The Rock (Belgian TV 1972)
8. Breakthrough (Reprise) (German TV 1970-1972)

Line-up Belgian TV:

Chris Farlowe-vocals
Vincent Crane-Hammond organ, piano, electric pianos and ARP synthesizer
Steve Bolton-electric guitars
Rick Parnell-drums and percussion

Line-up German TV:

Vincent Crane-Hammond organ 
John Du Cann-vocals and electric guitars
Paul Hammond-drums and percussion