Änglagård is a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 1991 by Tord Lindman (guitars and vocals) and Johan Högberg (bass) and generated critical acclaim and a loyal following in the early 90's with their brooding mellotron and synth heavy sound that also featured virtuoso percussionist Mattias Olsson and classically trained flautist Anna Holmgren. The line-up was completed by keyboardist Thomas Johnson and guitarist Jonas Engdegård. Their first two studio albums are among the most highly regarded progressive works of the 1990s by fans of the genre. Änglagård got itself noticed in the small international circles of progressive rock fandom, and both of their first two albums were voted album of the year on internet prog newsgroups. Their music is entirely instrumental (aside from some sparse vocals) and features gentle passages for flute, mellotron, and acoustic guitar contrasted with louder passages of complex rhythms, angular melodies, electric guitar and Hammond organ. Writing lengthy symphonic pieces with significant tempo shifts, the band sounds like many big 70's acts, but  with a tougher sound. Meaty bass and scorched guitar tones duel it out with organ, mellotron, and hyperactive drumming. By 1992 the band was touring and logging studio sessions that would yield the well-received debut album Hybris (1992). The release was followed by an American tour which included an appearance at the 1993 Progfest in Los Angeles. 

Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet

Gånglåt från Knapptibble

By 1994 the band had released their second and final album Epilog, followed again by an appearance at the US Progfest. The Epilog album is instrumental in its entirety, and many of the tracks are distinguished by striking passages from Johnson's grand piano. Änglagård split up in 1994. The Progfest recordings were engineered and released in 1996 as the live album Buried Alive. Änglagård split up in 1994. Founding member Lindman went on to a career in the film business after the demise of the band.



In 2002 and 2003 the band briefly reformed (without founding member Lindman), playing new material at several performances, including NEARfest. In 2009 Mattias Olsson confirmed that the band had been recording new material and their third album, Viljans Öga, was released in July 2012


Änglagård made an admirable effort in carrying the banner of large, expansive symphonic music well into the 90's, with a sound that both pays homage to the great progressive giants of the 70s, and advances that sound with virtuoso accompaniment and expansive, layered compositions.

Studio albums

 Hybris (1992):
1. Jordrök (11:10)
2. Vandringar i Vilsenhet (11:53)
3. Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet (8:04)
4. Kung Bore (12:57)
5. Gånglåt från Knapptibble (7:19 bonus track)

Epilog (1994):
1. Prolog (2:00)
2. Höstsejd (15:32)
3. Rösten (0:14)
4. Skogsranden (10:48)
5. Sista Somrar (13:10)
6. Saknadens Fullhet (2:00)

Viljans Öga (2012):
1. Ur Vilande (15:47)
2. Sorgmantel (12:06)
3. Snårdom (16:15)
4. Längtans Klocka (13:22)

Live album

Buried Alive (1996):
1. Prolog (2:20)
2. Jordrök (11:45)
3. Höstsejd (14:03)
4. Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet (9:04)
5. Vandringar i Vilsenhet (13:07)
6. Sista Somrar (9:22)
7. Kung Bore (12:34)