Yezda Urfa

Brad Christoff: drums, percussion
Phil Kimbrough: keyboards, accordion, mandolin, wind instruments, vocals
Mark Tippins: guitar, banjo, vocals
Marc Miller: bass, cello, marimba, vibes, vocals
Rick Rodenbaugh: vocals


Yezda Urfa was an American progressive rock band founded in the fall of 1973. The band recorded two albums before breaking up in the spring of 1981. The band's music is currently distributed by Syn-phonic. The name Yezda Urfa comes from Yazd, the capital of Yazd Province in Iran and Urfa, a city  in south-eastern Turkey. The band came across these names while leafing through the dictionary, looking for a band name. Yazd was changed to Yezda to ease pronunciation. Yezda Urfa blends influences from Yes and Gentle Giant into wonderful, fast-paced, high-energy progressive rock. Break-neck tempos, changing time signatures, and diverse instrumentation are hallmarks of their sound. Although they played and recorded between 1973 and 1981 they didn't release any albums, aside from a demo album in 1975 called Boris

3, Almost 4, 6 Yea

Tuta In The Moya & Tyreczimmage

Their demo album didn't atract any interest from the record labels, so they financed and recorded the second album by themselves, hoping it would help them in getting a record deal. They were only offered a bad deal by a small record company, so they declined. They finished Sacred Baboon, as the album was called, in 1976, but due to lack of funds they shelved it, and in 1981 they called it a day. The band split up to pursue other interests, mostly out of the music scene. In 1985 a guy called Peter Stoller got his hands on their debut demo album, and brought it to the attention of Greg Walker from Syn-Phonic records. Thus Yezda Urfa were finally discovered, which resulted in the release of their hidden gem Sacred Baboon in 1989.

Cancer Of The Band

Studio albums

Boris (demo album 1975):
1. Boris And His 3 Verses, including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag (11:00) 
2. Texas Armadillo (1:48) 
3. 3, Almost 4, 6 Yea (8:46)  
4. Tuta In The Moya & Tyreczimmage (10:50) 
5. Three Tons Of Fresh Thyroid Glands (10:20)

Sacred Baboon (1989, recorded 1976):
1. Give 'Em Some Rawhide Chewies (3:50) 
2. Cancer Of The Band (6:48) 
3. Tota In The Moya (10:14) 
4. Boris And His Three Verses (2:50) 
5. Flow Guides Aren't My Bag (4:45) 
6. (My Doc Told Me I Had) Doggie Head (5:02) 
7. 3, Almost 4, 6 Yea (8:39)

Live album

Live NEARfest 2004 (2010):
1. Intro by Chad (0:48)
2. Give 'Em Some Rawhide Chewies (4:04)
3. Boris and His Three Verses, including Flow Guides Aren't My Bag (8:20)
4. 3, Almost 4, 6, Yea (11:28)
5. To-Ta in the Moya (11:20)
6. Ron's band intros (0:55)
7. L.A. (4:09)
8. The Basis of Dubenglazy While Dirk Does the Dance (11:04)