Rush: Exit...Stage Left concert film 1981

Exit...Stage Left is a concert film released in 1982 on videocassette, laserdisc, and on DVD in 2007 by the Canadian band Rush. It documents a live concert performance by the band on their 1981 Moving Pictures tour. The concert footage was filmed March 27, 1981, at the Montreal Forum, in Montreal, Quebec. In October 1981, the band released an audio album of the same name on vinyl LP, audiocassette, 8-track cartridge and later compact disc. The video comprises an entirely different recording, and features a different track list, plus it features the band members commenting about performing live and about the different songs in general.

Exit...Stage Left DVD:
1. Intro (includes narration with segments of The Camera Eye live version)
2. Limelight
3. Tom Sawyer
4. The Trees
5. Xanadu (narration at the beginning)
6. Red Barchetta
7. Freewill
8. Closer to the Heart
9. YYZ (segments of the live version with interview audio)
10. By-Tor and the Snow Dog
11. In the End
12. In the Mood
13. 2112: Grand Finale
14. End Credits (YYZ)

Geddy Lee–bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers, bass pedal synthesizer and occasional rhythm guitar
Alex Lifeson–electric and acoustic guitars, bass pedal synthesizer
Neil Peart–drums and percussion