Haken is a a young but respected London-based progressive rock band formed in 2007. This six-piece started strong, rose to the top of the progressive market, and ended up producing the 80-minute epic Aquarius in 2010. Musically Haken is many-faceted: sometimes song-oriented, sometimes avant-garde, often heavy, and always prog.

Initially the band was the project of three school buddies, Richard Henshall (guitar, keys), Ross Jennings (vocals), and Matthew Marshall (guitar). They were soon joined by keyboardist Peter Jones and drummer Raymond Hearne. With the help of To-Mera guitarist Tom MacLean on bass, they recorded a three cut demo in 2007 that received good responses and got the band booked in support of Riverside that year. In 2008 they recorded three more tracks and released a full-length demo including all six tracks.


Later in 2008, guitarist Marshall and keyboardist Jones left to pursue other interests and they were replaced by guitarist Charlie Griffiths (Linear Sphere, Anchorhead) and keyboardist Diego Tejeida. After touring to support King's X, Bigelf and To-Mera, Laser's Edge signed Haken to their prog metal label Sensory Records. They began recording their debut album, Aquarius, which was released in March 2010 and received positive reviews.

Eternal rain

The band's second album Visions released in 2011 also received good reviews. Two different Sea of Tranquility reviews praised it as "a staggeringly brilliant example of progressive metal" and "probably the final progressive masterpiece of 2011."

Nocturnal conspiracy


On 20 June 2013 Haken announced their new album, The Mountain, which was released on 2 September by InsideOut Music. The album was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren. On 25 September 2013, Haken announced that Tom MacLean would be leaving the band after completing the Prog Stage Festival in Israel in October 2013.

In memoriam



Demo 2007-2008 (2008):
1. Blind (11:40)
2. Black Seed (05:53)
3. Manifold (07:35)
4. Sleeping Thoughts Wake (12:08)
5. Souls (07:47)
6. Snow (13:11)
Aquarius (2010):
1. The Point of No Return (11:27) 
2. Streams (10:14) 
3. Aquarium (10:40) 
4. Eternal Rain (6:43)
5. Drowning In the Flood (9:28) 
6. Sun (7:19) 
7. Celestial Elixir (16:56)
Visions (2011):
1. Premonition (4:10)
2. Nocturnal Conspiracy (13:08)
3. Insomnia (6:06)
4. The Mind's Eye (4:05)
5. Portals (5:27)
6. Shapeshifter (8:08) 
7. Deathless (8:04)
8. Visions (22:25)

The Mountain (2013):
1. The Path (2:47)
2. Atlas Stone (7:34)
3. Cockroach King (8:15)
4. In Memoriam (4:17)
5. Because It?s There (4:24)
6. Falling Back to Earth (11:51)
7. As Death Embraces (3:13)
8. Pareidolia (10:51)
9. Somebody (9:01)