Prog Rock Sub-genres: Eclectic Prog

Gentle Giant
The term eclectic in the context of progressive rock describes a summation of elements from various musical sources, and the influences and career paths of bands that take from a wide range of genres or styles. While progressive music can be, in a larger sense, eclectic, the Eclectic Prog term is specially meant to reference bands that trespass the boundaries of established Progressive Rock genres or that blend many influences. Eclectic Prog combines hybrids of style and diversity of theme, promoting many elements from different sources. The Eclectic category recognizes bands that evolved markedly over their career (in a progressive, evolutionary way), or have a plural style without a clear referential core. The basic features lie within the music's variety, rich influences, art tendencies and classic prog rock elements. Among the representative bands are King Crimson, Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator.

Gentle Giant-The Boys in the Band (Octopus, 1972 UK)

King Crimson-Red (Red, 1974 UK)

Van Der Graaf Generator-The undercover man (Godbluff, 1975 UK)

Steve Hackett-A tower struck down (Voyage of the Acolyte, 1975 UK)

Yezda Urfa-Three tons of fresh thyroid glands (Boris, 1975 USA)