Terry "Nobby" Clark (vocals) 
Mick Clarke (guitar)
Sid Fairman (guitar)
Paul Roberts (bass)
Jeff Seopardie (drums) 

I can see inside your head

Orang-Utan featured musicians from several other notable dissolving bands that had been playing in North London in the late 60's. Singer Terry Nobby Clark was co-founder of the band Jason Crest. The band was previously known as Hunter but never issued any recordings under that name. Orang-Utan's only self-titled album was recorded at a 16 track studio facility in London and it was originally released exclusively in the U.S. on the Bell Records label in 1971. The band had no idea their album was being released and only found out about it by accident. Adrian Miller was the person that claimed the producer's title on the Bell album release. He was also the person responsible for stealing this material from the musicians and getting it released without the group's consent or knowledge. Adrian even secretly convinced the group's unsuspecting manager at the time, to suggest to the band to change their name to Orang-Utan. At the time the band were still going by their original name Hunter which they had taken from an Albert King song. They have great musicianship, the biggest emphasis being on Mick Clarke's and Sid Fairman's twin lead heavy guitars. Several of the songs are nothing short of brilliant and serve to show what incredible talent these young 19-20 year old musicians possessed. Most of the music was written and composed by drummer Jeff Seopardie, with the majority of the guitar and bass riffs being developed and played by Mick Clarke and Paul Roberts respectively. Nobby's Clark powerful and well done vocal duties can be heard on this impressive debut album. Nobby was actually the second vocalist for the band and demos do exist from the band line-up that proceeded him. The band soon folded due to financial and management issues.

Chocolate piano

Orang-Utan (1971):

1. I Can See Inside Your Head
2. Slipping Away
3. Love Queen
4. Chocolate Piano
5. If You Leave
6. Fly Me High
7. Country Hike
8. Magic Playground

Magic playground

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