70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Museo Rosenbach


Stefano "Lupo" Galifi (vocals)
Enzo Merogno (guitar, vocals)
Pit Corradi (keyboards)
Alberto Moreno (bass, piano)
Giancarlo Golzi (drums, percussion, vocals)


Museo Rosenbach is a one-shot Italian prog band. In 1973 they released their album Zarathustra (about Nietzsche's superman), which is usually considered as one of the best examples of the prog genre to come from outside England, one of the masterpieces in the world of prog rock and one of the most sought after collector items. The group, initially named Inaugurazione Museo Rosenbach, was created around 1971 from the fusion of two late 60's bands from Sanremo, La Quinta Strada and Il Sistema, and their first line-up included future Celeste member Leonardo Lagorio on sax and flute, and singer Walter Franco. The only recordings Il Sistema ever made were released on LP and CD by Mellow in 1991-92, while La Quinta Strada was just a cover band. The tracks for Zarathustra were ready at the end of 1972, when the band was suddenly contacted for a recording deal by Ricordi label, which was interested in promoting new progressive groups such as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and Reale Accademia di Musica. The album was released in April 1973. It's an exceptional and brilliant debut album, very complex and well done; heavy, melodic, intelligent and atmospheric. The long Zarathustra suite in five parts on side one is probably their best track, with slight classical influences and keyboards in evidence as in the best Italian prog tradition. The interplay between the electric guitar, keyboards (Hammond organ, synthesizer and piano), rhythm-section (propulsive and perfectly timed drumming) and strong and expressive Italian vocals is very captivating. It all creates a constant tension, topped by majestic eruptions of the Mellotron. Side two, with three shorter and heavier tracks, sounds flowing and powerful with a lot of Hammond organ and guitarplay. It displays Museo Rosenbach's ability to fuse heaviness with melodic incursions. Vocalist "Lupo" Galifi has a very distinctive voice and keyboard player Pit Corradi adds a touch of originality to the band sound. 


Museo Rosenbach had a short life, splitting soon after the album and some good concerts in the summer of 1973. Two posthumous CD's were released by Mellow in 1992: Rare and unreleased and Rarities containing demos and some unreleased tracks, as well as the live recording Live '72. Drummer Giancarlo Golzi experienced a great commercial success with his later band Matia Bazar, still lasting today. A new 10-track album, Exit, has been released in 2000 by original bassist Alberto Moreno and drummer Giancarlo Golzi along with new members, in a more commercial direction. In 2003 the new line-up made an appearance on the Kalevala 3-CD box set by the French label Musea, dedicated to the finnish traditional epic, with a song called Fiore di vendetta. Zarathustra-Live In Studio (2012) is an effort by the new line-up to bring back on stage the world of Zarathustra, with the addition of the original singer "Lupo" Galifi and new musicians. "Lupo" Galifi plays also with Il Tempio delle Clessidre, a neo-prog group that often plays in concert excerpts from Zarathustra.

Della natura


Studio albums

Zarathustra (1973):
1. Zarathustra 
a) L'Ultimo uomo (3:57) 
b) Il re di ieri (3:12) 
c) Al di là del bene e del male (4:09) 
d) Superuomo (1:22) 
e) Il tempio delle clessidre (8:02) 
2. Degli Uomini (4:01) 
3. Della Natura (8:24) 
4. Dell'Eterno Ritorno (6:15)

Exit (2000):
1. Exit (1:35) 
2. Il Terzo Occhio (5:39) 
3. In Equilibrio (4:45) 
4. Love (4:07) 
5. Tuareg / Abbandonati (6:35) 
6. Illuse le intenzioni (5:08) 
7. Il Re Del Circo (7:31) 
8. Koln Raid (4:20) 
9. Exit (strum.) (1:47) 
10. Un Porto Nel Sole (4:37)

Live albums

Live '72 (1992):
1. Intro / Dell'eterno ritorno 
2. Dopo 
3. Season of the witch / It´s a man´s world 
4. Della natura 

Zarathustra-Live in Studio (2012):
1. Intro / Dell'eterno ritorno
2. Degli uomini
3. Della natura
4. Zarathustra
a. L'ultimo uomo
b. Il re di ieri
c. Al di là del bene e del male
d. Superuomo
e. Il tempio delle clessidre


Rare and Unreleased (1992):
1. Zarathustra 
2. Degli Uomini 
3. Della Natura 
4. Dell'eterno Ritorno (intrumental) 
5. Dopo 
6. Look at Yourself 
7. With a Little help from my friends 
8. Shadows of Grief 
9. Valentyne Suite 
10. Dopo (English version) 
11. Dell'eterno Ritorno

Rarities (1992):
1. Zarathustra
2. Dell'eterno ritorno
3. Dopo
4. Dell'angoscia
5. Della natura
6. Season of the Witch / It's a Man's World
7. Colour My World