70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Il Sistema


Enzo Merogno (guitar, vocals)
Leonardo Lagorio (flute, sax, electric piano)
Floriano Roggero (organ)
Luciano Cavanna (bass, vocals)
Ciro Perrino (drums, percussion, flute, vocals)

This was a very early and important band in the history and development of Rock Progressivo Italiano and it's often described as a quintessential band of the late 60`s-early 70`s Italian rock scene. Il Sistema gave birth to great and very importand bands such as Celeste and Museo Rosenbach. This band from Sanremo had a three year career, first as a four piece, then with the fifth member Leonardo Lagorio joining them in 1971. During that time they could not release anything, but the 1969-71 recordings were finally issued for the first time in 1991 on the double LP Il Viaggio Senza Andata. The album was reissued in 1992 on CD containing slightly different tracks. It was a good sounding band, though the recordings show an evident lack of production, the vocal parts are very limited in the unfinished recordings and the long jams are mainly improvised. They were led by the keyboards of Floriano Roggero and by the sax and flute of the future member of Celeste, Leonardo Lagorio. Classical influences are clear, especially in their good rendition of Mussorgsky's Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo (Night on Bald Mountain). 

Una notte sul Monte Calvo

After some relevant live appearances, the band split in 1971, with guitarist Enzo Merogno and Leonardo Lagorio forming Museo Rosenbach, while Ciro Perrino (aided by Lagorio again) went later to form Celeste. A whole CD with recordings by Il Sistema is included in the box set dedicated to Celeste, entitled The Complete Recordings 1969-1977 Il Sistema/Celeste/St. Tropez, issued in 2010.



Il Viaggio Senza Andata (1992):
1. Il Viaggio Senza Andata (10:24)
2. Donna Cieca (4:55)
3. I Pensieri Del Mattino (9:20)
4. Dinamica E Cibernetica (4:53)
5. Lugubre (6:10)
6. Il Pozzo (14:48)
7. Una Notte Sul Monte Calvo (9:48)
8. Campo 11 (7:55)
9. Flautando (2:17)
10. Sangue Sulle Ruote (2:48)