70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Ibis


Nico Di Palo (guitar, vocals)
Maurizio Salvi (keyboards)
Frank Laugelli (bass, vocals)
Gianni Belleno (drums, vocals)

Belleno replaced by
Ric Parnell (drums)

Parnell and Salvi replaced by
Renzo Tortora (guitar, vocals)
Pasquale Venditto (drums, vocals)


Ibis were another member of the Italian prog rock scene of the mid 70's, more inclined toward the heavy side of that genre, with songs structured around organ and guitar. The original line-up of this band consisted of New Trolls' ex-members. New Trolls' leaders Nico Di Palo and Vittorio De Scalzi came to a legal struggle on the use of the band's name in 1973, with Nico Di Palo taking with him the line up that had released Ut a year before. Their idea was to continue the more heavy elements of the New Trolls sound. There are three elements in the sound of this group : screamy vocals, heavy guitar and songs in English. The four piece recorded an LP in 1973, Canti d'innocenza, Canti d'esperienza, due for release with Fonit, but they couldn't call themselves New Trolls, so the album was issued with a giant question mark on the cover and no band name, and the group is usually referred to with the name of its members, Nico, Gianni, Frank, Maurizio. It's a very good album with a convincing mix of classical and hard rock influences. 

Innocenza Esperienza

Soon after the album release, drummer Gianni Belleno left the band to venture into a pop career with his side band Tritons, and the remaining trio, with the new name of Ibis -decided after a readers' poll organised by the Ciao 2001 magazine- found an important replacement in English drummer Ric Parnell from Atomic Rooster. With the new line-up and a new recording deal with Polydor, they recorded Sun Supreme, released in 1974 and completely sung in English. 

Divine Mountain/Journey of Life (Part 3–The Valley Of Mists)

Another change in the line-up came later that year, with keyboardist Maurizio Salvi and drummer Parnell leaving Ibis for musical divergences, replaced by a second guitarist Renzo Tortora and drummer Pasquale Venditto, both coming from Forum Livii. Despite the new line-up, the band released in 1975 the album Ibis that's usually defined as their more mature work. Just two tracks were now in English, the rest being sung in Italian and with a much more personal style. The soft "Passa il tempo" was also released as a single.

Passa il tempo

In 1975 the long awaited New Trolls' reunion finally took place and Ibis disbanded. Nico Di Palo, again with drummer Gianni Belleno returned back to his old band to record Concerto Grosso n.2. In 2007 keyboardist Maurizio Salvi formed a group called Ibis Prog Machine with the aim to revive the old name. The group also featured another keyboardist, Renato Rosset (ex New Trolls Atomic System and Nova), guitarists Corrado Rustici (ex-Cervello and Nova) and Claudio Cinquegrana, singer and bass player Roberto Tiranti and drummer Marco Canavese, but had a short life and broke up in 2008.


Canti d'innocenza, Canti d'esperienza... (1973):
1. Innocenza Esperienza 
2. Signora Carolina 
3. Simona 
4. L'Amico Della porta Accanto 
5. Vecchia Amica 
6. Angelo Invecchiato 

Sun Supreme (1974):
1. Divine Mountain/Journey of Life (Part 1–Vision Of Majesty) 
2. Divine Mountain/Journey of Life (Part 2–Travelling The Spectrum Of The Soul)
3. Divine Mountain/Journey of Life (Part 3–The Valley Of Mists) 
4. Divine Mountain/Journey of Life (Part 4–Vision Fulfilled) 
5. Divinity (Part 1)
6. Divinity (Part 2)
7. Divinity (Part 3)

Ibis (1975):
1. Premessa 
2. Narratio 
3. Dedicated to Janis Joplin 
4. Passa il tempo 
5. Ritrovarci qui 
6. Strada 
7. Keep on movin' 
8. Noi