70's Italian Prog Rock bands: I Teoremi


Tito Gallo (vocals)
Mario Schilirò (guitar)
Aldo Bellanova (bass)
Claudio Mastracci (drums)

Gallo replaced by Vincenzo "Lord Enzo" Massetti (vocals)

I Teoremi was an Italian prog group that released only one album in the beginning of the 70's. It was a quartet from Rome, though their singer Vincenzo "Lord Enzo" Massetti came from Naples, having had a solo career since the late 60's and having also participated at the 1968 Festival degli Sconosciuti in Ariccia. The group's debut was in 1971 with the single "Sognare" backed by an Italian version of Jethro Tull's "With you there to help me" called "Tutte le cose". The line-up on the single was different from that on their later LP, with Tito Gallo on vocals. The album, simply called  I Teoremi, is one of the rarest Italian prog-era albums. It was issued in 1972 on the small Polaris label and contains seven self-penned tracks, mostly in the hard rock vein with light prog influences, but the overall sound is progressive due to the imaginative rhythm section. The keyboards (piano) are featured in only one of the tracks, the long "Mare della tranquillità". The music highlights Mario Schilirò's electric guitar, but it is actually the bassist Aldo Bellanova that steals the show. Lord Enzo's  vocals suit the music very well and they are perhaps the strongest point besides the bass. Drummer Claudio Mastracci does a good job as well. It's a good album whose original copies worth a fortune. 

Qualcosa d'irreale

Sognare/Tutte le cose (1971)


I Teoremi (1972):

1. Impressione (7:25)
2. Mare Della Tranquillità (9:01)
3. Passi Da Gigante (4:13)
4. Nuvola Che Copri Il Sole (5:29)
5. Qualcosa D'Irreale (5:09)
6. Il Dialogo Di Un Pazzo (4:47)
7. A Chi Non Sarà Più (4:48)

Mare della tranquillità

Bassist Bellanova played later with Samadhi, while Lord Enzo left Italy to Thailand where he is still working as a singer. Drummer Mastracci briefly played with Il Punto (also at Villa Pamphili festival in Rome), and later with some pop artists like Donatella Rettore and Sergio Caputo, and in some TV shows orchestras. He still works as a drum teacher. Guitarist Schilirò has played with important Italian artists like Antonello Venditti and since many years until now with Zucchero.