Jack Mlynski-guitars, vocals
Alain Coupel-keyboards, synthesizers, vocals
Stanislas Belloc-bass, vocals
Daniel Locci-drums, percussion

Artcane was a mainly instrumental French progressive rock band. Very little is known about this four-piece set who released one album on Philips label at the tail end of prog's golden age and then disappeared from the map. They were: Jack Mlynski on guitars and vocals, Alain Coupel on keyboards and vocals, Stanislas Belloc on bass and vocals and Daniel Locci on drums. Their 1977 LP entitled Odyssée has apparently never been released on CD and is likely to be quite rare. It's a very good album with atmospheric and dreamy electronic sounds, well-built climax, energetic jams with lots of good and inspired playing and heavy finales. Guitarist Jack Mlynski and keyboardist Alain Coupel are the most defining elements of Artcane's sound and they complement each other very well. The King Crimson influences are obvious, but the band does show originality and an obvious desire for experimentation.


Odyssée (1977):
1. Odyssey (2:30)
2. Le Chant D'Orphée (3:41)
3. Novembre (9:42)
4. 25e Anniversaire (4:44)
5. Artcane I (16:18)
6. Nostalgie (4:48)

25e Anniversaire