Named after Lewis Carroll's immortal novel, Alice in Wonderland, this group had an uncommon sound for a French band, more similar in style to contemporary British rock. One of the reasons for this was the blues-rock background of several of its members. Alice was one of the first generation of progressive rock groups in France.

The first line-up (early 1970) included multi-instrumentalist ex-We Free member Jean-Pierre Auffredo (flute, saxophone, violin, guitar, piano, percussion, vocals), Alain Suzan (keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals), also ex-We Free member Sylvain Duplant (bass, guitar, percussion, vocals) and two ex-members of Alan Jack Civilization: Claude Olmos (guitar) and Jean Falissard (drums). This configuration only recorded Alice's first single "De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir" (The other side of the mirror)/"Viens". Later in 1970, ex-We Free Bruno Besse (guitar, percussion) and ex-Devotion Alain Weiss (drums, percussion, vocals) replaced Olmos and Falissard respectively. The band mixed in some psychedelic and prog ideas in their music and achieved a very interesting album, Alice, recorded at the Marquee Studio in London and released in 1970. This was one of the best French albums of 1970. Alice's greatest strength was their talent for songwriting; composing songs with an instant appeal. Their music is lively and rural. 


Le nouveau monde

In 1972 the line-up changed again with Auffredo leaving, the remaining members Alain Suzan (on guitars, bass, flute, percussions and vocals) and Alain Weiss (on drums, vocals) and the new members ex-Devotion Paul Semama (lead guitar, vocals), Luc Bertin (keyboards, vocals) and ex-Circus/M.O.T.U.S. Ian Jelfs (guitars, vocals). Their second album Arrêtez Le Monde (Stop the world) would be more progressive and be released in two versions: the original French version and its English counterpart called All Ice, issued both in 1972. It's an extremely rare and not-republished album. The group would disband by the mid-70's but most members stayed active, some releasing solo albums and others appearing on different projects or joining groups such as Alpes, Magma and Coyote. 

Franky l´oiseau

Le cercle (parte I-II)



De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir/Viens (1970)
Le Nouveau Monde/Que Pouvons-Nous Faire Ensemble? (1970)
Je Voudrais Habiter Le Soleil/Il Viendra (1971)
Arrêtez Le Monde/Le Miroir (1972)


Alice (1970):
1. Axis 
2. Onurb 
3. Le Nouveau Monde 
4. L'arbre 
5. Valse 
6. L'Enfant 
7. Extrait Du Cerce 
a) Final 
b) Theme 
8. Venez Jouer I 
9. Mexican Song 
10. Venez Jouer II 
11. Tournez La Page 
12. Fumée grise et marrons chauds

Bonus Tracks: 
13. De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir 
14. Viens 
15. Le Nouveau Monde (single version) 
16. Que Pouvons-Nous Faire Ensemble? 
17. Je Voudrais Habiter Le Soleil 
18. Il Viendra

Arrêtez Le Monde (1972):
1. Introduction 
2. Salina 
3. Arrêtez le monde (parte I) 
4. Byzance 
5. Il est 
6. Arrêtez le monde (parte II) 
7. Ouverture 
8. Le Roseau 
9. Quelqu´un qui t´aime 
10. Franky l´oiseau 
11. Le cercle 
-parte I
-parte II

All Ice (English version of Arrêtez Le Monde, 1972):
1. Introduction
2. Salina
3. Stop the World (part I) 
4. Byzantium
5. It is
6. Stop the World (part II)
7. Overture
8. The Roseau
9. Franky The bird
10. The Circle
-part I
-part II