70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Blocco Mentale

Bernardo "Dino" Finocchi (vocals, sax, flute)
Aldo Angeletti (vocals, bass)
Gigi Bianchi (guitar, vocals)
Filippo Lazzari (keyboards, vocals, mouth harp)
Michele Arena (drums, vocals)

A minor band from near Viterbo, Blocco Mentale, only released an album, called Poa (written on the album cover in greek letters: ΠOA) in 1973 and soon disappeared after a later single. The seven-track concept album deals with ecological subjects; lyrics are about pollution, nature and flowers, sometime with a very naive language typical of the time. A message from the band in the liner notes states: "We'd like to talk about nature. With these few tracks we'd like to remind you of the little green world that is still around us. Maybe there could be a different world than the one we've created, maybe you could discover too all the values of life that we have been lately disregarding". Musically the album has some very interesting moments, but veers toward pop at times. The group has some multivocal parts, as all the members are credited with vocals. Nevertheless it's a very good album and terribly rare and expensive in its original issue. Like so many other quality one-shot Italian bands, drummer Michele Arena said the label signed them up upon hearing them play and then never provided any support or promotion once the album was pressed.  


Poa (1973):
1. Capita 
2. Aria E Mele
3. Impressione
4. Io E Me
5. La Nuova Forza
6. Ritorno
7. Verde

Aria e Mele

The band broke up after a more melodic single, L'amore muore a vent'anni, released after the album, but reformed later with the name Limousine. The new group, more commercially styled, won some important music contests in 1978 and 1979, producing a couple of singles. Singer/sax player Bernardo Finocchi issued in 1980 under the name Bernardo Lafonte the 4-track mini-LP Sei proprio tu, with help from Michele Arena, Aldo Angeletti and Filippo Lazzari, and with the same name, along with his wife Francesca Lotà, some religious-inspired records. Keyboardist Filippo Lazzari died in a car accident in 1991 while heading to a gig in Rome.