Gentle Giant in Concert: German TV live 1974

In 1974 Christopher Nupen, the celebrated classical music director, invited the band to record this concert in a Brussels film studio to be broadcasted as a "Sunday Concert" on German TV station ZDF. Gentle Giant's virtuosic live act is documented in this concert which is contained, among other things, in the Giant on the Box DVD released in 2004. 

Giant on the Box DVD (2004)

German TV station ZDF live (1974):
1. Cogs in Cogs
2. Proclamation
3. Funny Ways
4. The Runaway
5. Experience
6. Knots
7. Advent of Panurge
8. So Sincere

US TV Concert-Terrace Theater, Long Beach, California (1975):
1. Experience
2. Knots
3. Advent of Panurge
4. Funny Ways

Szene '74 (rare footage from the 1974 tour, filmed by the German TV station BRW):
Excerpt from In a Glass House

Baroque & Roll:
Black & white footage and interview with the Italian TV

Derek Shulman/vocals, saxophone, recorder, bass, percussion
Ray Shulman/bass, violin, acoustic guitar, recorder, trumpet, vocals, percussion
Gary Green/guitars, recorders, vocals, percussion
Kerry Minnear/keyboards, cello, vibes, recorder, vocals, percussion
John Weathers/drums, vibes, tambour, vocals, percussion