Kai Grønlie-lead vocals
Svein Rønning-guitars, vocals
Harald Otterstad-keyboards
Per Amundsen-bass
Knut Lie-drums, vocals

Burning bridges

Déjà-Vu is a mid 70s heavy prog band from Norway formed when guitarist Svein Rønning and drummer Knut Lie left the band Høst after recording their first album. Déjà-Vu recorded only one album, Between the Leaves, that was released in 1976. Their music crosses crunchy guitar vamps with melodic sequences overlaid with lots of keyboards and plenty of monophonic synth leads. Harald Otterstad is the highlight of the instrumental combo, offering some absolutely sumptuous Moog work, but also enriching it with other keyboard sounds; Hammond, string synth and Clavinet dominate the key-chestration. Musically, the band seems to take their influences from both the hard rock school and the English symphonic rock. The album is probably the rarest Norwegian prog item and a good example of 70's Norwegian prog.  

Between the leaves

Between The Leaves (1976):
1. Burning Bridges
2. Between The Leaves
3. Free Man
4. Flying
5. Somebody Cares
6. Time
7. Visions Of Nirvana