Popol Ace (Popol Vuh)

Popol Vuh, later known as Popol Ace, was a 1970s Norwegian progressive rock band from Oslo, that became popular in the 1970s Norwegian rock scene with such songs as "All We Have Is the Past", "Queen of all Queens" and "Music Box". The band later changed its name to Popol Ace to avoid confusion with the German band Popol Vuh. The band's downfall came when lead singer Jahn Teigen left the band for a solo career.


Having roots as far back as 1959 with The Scavers and later releasing a single as Arman Stumpe Dur Express, this Norwegian quintet composed of Arne Schulze (guitar), Pete Knutsen (guitar, keyboards), Thor Andreassen (drums), Terje Methi (bass), and Jahn Teigen (vocals), had a long past. Singer Jahn Teigen was already somewhat well-known in Norway. Originally named Popol Vuh (after the famous Mayan creation myth book), they were forced to change their name so as not to be confused with German composer/keyboardist Florian Fricke’s already-established group of the same name. Musically, they sounded much straighter progressive rock than their German mystical homonyms: mellotrons and flute parts, funky jazz-rock and softer ballads were among their usual tricks found in their first two albums, Popol Vuh (1972) and Quiché Maya (1973), released under the Popol Vuh name. Pjokken Eide was the sixth member of the band playing the trombone and flute parts on the first album. In 1972 they won the Norwegian grammy (Spellemannsprisen) for the best band. The band was predicted a great international career, but they didn’t manage to become very famous outside Norway.


Leavin' Chicago

Sucklin' pig

Milk-white satin-dressed departure

Queen of all queens

In 1975, with their name changed to Popol Ace, the group embarked on their most ambitious project, the expensive and studio time demanding Stolen From Time, a concept album strongly influenced by Genesis, but too rigidly produced to gather the hoped-for international success. 

Bury me dead


Mr. Bigalow

Lead singer Jahn Teigen then left the group to pursue a solo career becoming one of the country's leading pop singers and entertainers. In 1978, the group hired a new vocalist, Asbjørn Krogtoft, for one final album, Curly Sounds, and the group disbanded later that year. 

California USA

In 2003 the full works of the band have been gathered in a 5 Cd box set with all sorts of bonus and unrealeased material, including a live disc.

(studio albums)

Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh (1972):
1. Hunchback
2. Joy And Pleasure
3. All We Have Is The Past
4. Leavin' Chicago
5. For Eternity
6. Sucklin' Pig
7. Medicine

Quiché Maya (1973):
1. Queen of all queens
2. Dark nights
3. Mrs. Randalie
4. Music box
5. Yesterday
6. Milk-white satin-dressed departure
7. Between you and me
8. Get up

Popol Ace

Stolen From Time (1975):
1. Bury Me Dead
2. Today Another Day
3. Jester
4. Soft Shoe Dancer
5. Mr. Bigalow
6. Sweet Tune
7. Sleepwalker
8. I Can See Tears
9. Suicide

Curly Sounds (1978):
1. Bye Bye
2. Tango For One
3. Jay
4. Love's Last Ballad
5. Joe's My Name
6. California USA
7. Let The Music Turn You On
8. Mountain Man
9. Northern Winds
10. Wonderland