Paolo Siani & Friends feat. Nuova Idea: Castles, Wings, Stories & Dreams

Paolo Siani was the original drummer of the classic 70s Italian prog rock band Nuova Idea from Genova. That band came from a 60s group called Plep and its members also contributed to The Underground Set and The Psycheground Group projects. As Nuova Idea they released three good albums in the early 70s, the final one "Clowns" is something of a favorite among fans. Despite the recordings and good live activity the band split around 1973, with members Siani and Ricky Belloni going on to form the band Track. In the later 70s Siani would play with both Equipe 84 and Opus Avantra. He  has worked as a session man and producer for other artists.

Nuova Idea
In 2008 Siani started to work on an ambitious solo album in a progressive rock style trying to blend vintage sounds and modern technologies. Three other former members of Nuova Idea -Marco Zoccheddu, Ricky Belloni and Giorgio Usai- got involved in the project but Paolo Siani was also joined by an army of friends including Mauro Pagani (ex-PFM), Joe Vescovi (ex-Trip), and many others. The result was the excellent concept album "Castles, Wings, Stories & Dreams" that was released in 2010 on Genova's independent label Black Widow Records with a beautiful art cover by the British artist Martin Allen. The music and the lyrics were composed solely by Siani and he produced the album as well. He also expanded from drums and vocals to share keyboard and guitar duties on the album.

Madre Africa

Castles, Wings, Stories & Dreams (2010):
1. Un Dono
2. Wizard Intro
3. Madre Africa
4. Questa Penombra è Lenta
5. Chimera
6. The Game
a. Wizard of your Sky
b. Mickey's
c. Jump
d. Wizard of your Life
7. Cluster Bombs
8. This Open Show
9. C'era una Volta

Cluster Bombs

-Paolo Siani/drums, vocals, keyboards, bass, guitars
-Ricky Belloni/electric guitar
-Carlo Cantini/violin
-Guido Guglielminetti/bass
-Mauro Pagani/flute
-Alessandro Siani/electronics
-Franco Testa/bass
-Roberto Tiranti/vocals
-Giorgio Usai/Hammond organ
-Joe Vescovi/Hammond organ
-Marco Zoccheddu/electric guitar, piano
-Gianni Alberti/sax
-Ottavia Bruno/vocals
-Alberto "Artley" Buttarelli/vocals, flute
-Giacomo Caiolo/acoustic guitar
-Nadia Enghében/soprano
-Diego Gordi/piano
-Fabio Gordi/piano
-Daniele Pagani/piano
-Giuliano Papa/cello
-Vittorio Pedrali/vocal recitation

C'era una volta