70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Cervello

Gianluigi Di Franco (lead vocals, flute, percussion)
Corrado Rustici (guitar, flute, recorder, vibraphone, vocals)
Giulio D'Ambrosio (sax, flute, vocals)
Antonio Spagnolo (bass, acoustic guitar, pedal, recorder, vocals)
Remigio Esposito (drums, vibraphone)

Cervello are another example of a 70s Italian prog rock band who only managed to release one album. One of many bands from Naples, they formed in 1972 and quickly appeared at a number of festivals including the Palermo Pop Festival. They are strictly connected to Osanna, with Corrado Rustici being the younger brother of that group's guitarist Danilo. They played a highly interesting fusion of progressive sounds with typical southern Italian and mediterranean rhythms. A high standard of musicianship and a very good voice/instruments interplay is present throughout their majestic one and only album, Melos, released on Ricordi in 1973 with seven long tracks. Their sound is characterised by acoustic instruments such as flutes and horns (with four of the five players dealing with flutes) and acoustic guitars, but the album is by no means an acoustic one, with complex rhythm changes. They combine a fairly eclectic blend of musical styles ranging from acoustic folk, occasional avant moments to more bombastic instrumental workouts and the excellent guitar work of Corrado Rustici. Notable is the absence of keyboards, in their place sax and flute playing a more prominent role. The band had a successful appearance at III Festival d'Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze held in Naples in June 1973. 


Melos (1973):
1. Canto Del Capro
2. Trittico
3. Euterpe 
4. Scinsione (T.R.M)
5. Melos
6. Galassia
7. Affresco


The album front cover had a small can-shaped window opening  and underneath a black & white picture of the band wrapped in plastic foil. 

The band was short lived and split up in 1974 with Corrado Rustici joining Osanna for their fourth album Landscape of life and then Nova, before embarking on a solo career including production work. Vocalist Gianluigi Di Franco collaborated with percussionist Toni Esposito during the 80's, he never left music and his main activity was in the Music Therapy field until his death in 2005.