70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Alphataurus

1973 LINE-UP

Michele Bavaro-vocals
Pietro Pellegrini-keys
Guido Wassermann-guitars/vocals
Alfonso Oliva-electric bass
Giorgio Santandrea-drums


Alphataurus is an Italian progressive rock band from the Milan area formed in 1970. An expressive heavy prog band from the classic early 70's Italian prog scene that mix very well the heavy parts with soft melodic passages, with exquisite contrasting strong voice. The keyboards are superb and their long thematic developments alone would merit an interest in their albums. Alphataurus is one of those legendary RPI (Rock Progressivo Italiano) bands who are obscure in the annals of general progressive rock, but much appreciated by Italian prog fans who venture beyond the more well-known groups. Having played in some important festivals in 1972, the group was offered by Vittorio De Scalzi of New Trolls a recording deal for his new label, Magma. So Alphataurus under the original lineup, released only one great self-titled album, dated 1973, at the peak of the European progressive rock wave, before vanishing in typical RPI fashion. The album was well received, had a second life with good sales later, and it is still selling today. It is well crafted and played and it's considered as a masterpiece of the 70's Italian scene. The singer Bavaro has a very original voice, keyboard player Pietro Pellegrini plays with competence, guitar-playing of Guido Wassermann is well cared and the rhythm section of Oliva and Santandrea creates a powerful background.

La mente vola


Work on a second album started, but due to a string of personal events the band split up in 1974. Dietro l'uragano was partially recorded in 1973 and later released by Mellow in 1992 as part of their archival projects. After they disbanded, drummer Giorgio Santandrea went on to work briefly in Crystals, and keybordist Pietro Pellegrini collaborated with both Riccardo Zappa and PFM. Singer Michele Bavaro released a commercial solo album near the end of the 70's. He's probably the same Bavaro that has recently released a CD of Italian songs for the brazilian market.

Valigie di terra

In 2010 three of the original members (Pellegrini, Wassermann, Santandrea) reformed Alphataurus to play at the Progvention held in Mezzago (near Milan). The new line-up, which includes singer Claudio Falcone, keyboardist Andrea Guizzetti and bassist Fabio Rigamonti, has stayed together for a few concerts, and at the end of 2011 the original drummer Giorgio Santandrea left his place to Alessandro "Pacho" Rossi. The 2010 reunion concert has been issued on CD and LP in 2012 with the title Live in Bloom. In the same year the second official studio album by Alphataurus has finally seen the light, entitled AttosecondO, including both revised tunes from the second incomplete album as well as brand new tunes. Both these albums have gatefold covers designed by Adriano Marangoni, who also created the first LP cover.


2011 LINE-UP

Pietro Pellegrini-keys/synth
Guido Wassermann-guitars/vocals
Andrea Guizzetti-piano/keys/vocals
Fabio Rigamonti-electric bass/vocals
Pacho Rossi-drums/percussions
Claudio Falcone-lead vocals/hand percussions


Alphataurus (1973):
1. Le chamadere (Peccato d´orgoglio)
2. Dopo l´uragano
3. Croma
4. La mente vola
5. Ombra muta

Dietro l'uragano (1992, recorded in 1973 by original line-up less singer Michele Bavaro):
1. Ripensando e...
2. Valigie di terra
3. Idea imcompiuta
4. Claudette

Live in Bloom (2012):
1. Peccato d'orgoglio
2. Ombra muta
3. Ripensando e...
4. La mente vola
5. Dopo l'uragano
6. Valigie di terra
7. Ringraziamenti
8. Croma

AttosecondO (2012):
1. Progressiva-Mente
2. Gocce
3. Ripensando e...
4. Claudette
5. Valigie di terra