Ainigma was a German heavy psychedelic/krautrock band active during 1972 to 1974. The band consisted of Willy Klüter on organ and lead vocals, Wolfgang Netzer on guitar, bass, and backing vocals, and Michael Klüter on drums. For a keyboard-based trio, their sound was more heavy psych rock than progressive. Their musical style is also quite heavy compared to the other german acts of that time, so they might have some value as an exeption of their genre's basic sound. Ainigma's guys were quite young (15 to 17 year-old) when they recorded and released their only studio album Diluvium in 1973, which is a rare collectors item today. Diluvium was originally released as a private pressing. The album has been reissued with a bonus track by Little Wing of Refugees and Amber Soundroom labels and with two bonus tracks by Garden of Delights label. It's one of the most explosive obscure recordings.


Diluvium (1973):
1. Prejudice
2. You Must Run
3. All Things Are Fading 
4. Diluvium
5. Thunderstorm (bonus track)
6. Diluvium (Instrumental) (bonus track)

Diluvium (Instrumental)