70's Italian Prog Rock bands: Alusa Fallax


Augusto "Duty" Cirla (vocals, drums, recorder)
Guido Gabet (guitar, vocals)
Massimo Parretti (keyboards)
Mario Cirla (flute, sax, French horn, vocals)
Guido Cirla (bass, vocals)



A five-piece from Milan, Alusa Fallax were formed in 1969 by keyboard player Massimo Parretti who went in search of musicians to play on a piece of music he'd been asked to write. His search led him to Gli Adelfi, a band that featured an old school friend on guitar and vocals, Guido Gabet. Impressed, Parretti enlisted their help but shortcomings with the keyboard player led him to take his place for the recording. The band changing its name to Alusa Fallax was completed by three brothers with the surname Cirla, Augusto (drums, vocals and recorder), Guido (bass and vocals) and Mario (sax, flute, French horn and vocals). In 1969 they released their first single "Dedicato A Chi Amo" followed the same year by another called "Tutto Passa". Also in 1969 one of the members released a solo single, "Guardarti negli occhi" on West Side, as Guido degli Alusa Fallax.

Carta Carbone

They then started playing live shows but it wasn't until 1974 that the album "Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione" was released on Fonit. The album received very little promotion and it's very rare, having been pressed in just 5000 copies. Due to a mistake the album didn't include on the cover any info but the tracks' titles, for this reason some copies had a yellow round sticker on the cover, containing the musicians' names and recording details. It's a great little-known gem in the best Italian prog tradition, led by keyboards with classical influences. It reminds the best things Banco del Mutuo Soccorso ever made. Musically the album is largely in a symphonic style with classical and occasional jazz influences, with intelligent utilization of acoustic and electric instrumentation. Although comprising of thirteen tracks -an approximate 50/50 split of instrumental and vocal- they are divided into two long suites very well played and sung, and with interesting lyrics. It is considered a masterpiece and one of the best italian prog rock albums of the 70's

Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione

Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione (1974):
1. Soliloquio
2. Non Fatemi Caso
3. Intorno Alla Mia Cattiva Educazione
4. Fuori di me,Dentro di me
5. Riflessioni Al Tramonto
6. Il Peso Delle Tradizioni
7. Carta Carbone
8. Perché Ho Venduto Il Mio Sangue
9. Per Iniziare Una Vita
10. È Oggi
11. È Così Poco Quel Che Conosco
12. Ciò Che Nasce Con Me
13. Splendida sensazione

The band kept playing in the live circuit. Disco became big news towards the end of the seventies and they adopted this style for their live shows and even released a commercial single, "La soffitta" in 1977, under the name Blizzard, before finally splitting up in 1979.