The group Aardvark is one of those numerous bands who released a single album in the early seventies and subsequently sunk without a trace. However the band still retain a certain amount of interest amongst progressive rock enthusiasts because of their particular heavy progressive rock style that was completely keyboard based with the band making do without the use of any guitar. This early 70's British foursome,  originally, became known mainly because guitarist Paul Kossof and drummer Simon Kirke played in the band before leaving to form the band Free. But when Aardvark's lone, self-titled album was released in 1970 on the Deram Nova label, the group hadn't even bothered to replace Kossoff, opting instead for a vocals/keys/bass/drums lineup and going for the kind of organ-led sound that had already been proven viable in an early prog context. By the time they recorded their only album, the line-up consisted of Stan Aldous (bass), Frank Clark (drums), Steve Milliner (keyboards, recorder, vibraphone) and Dave Skillin (vocals). Most compositions were entrusted to the hand of Dave Skillin and the band was based in the Midlands. Strangely enough, though the band dispensed with any guitars, they had trouble with the recruitment of a keyboardists. Throughout the brief Aardvark history, they went through a number of keyboardists. Amongst these one finds Paddy Coulter, Dave Watts, who would later play with Jackson Heights and Affinity and the late Peter John Wood. Wood would go on to play with Quiver, The Sutherland Brothers, Al Stewart and Natural Gas. Steve Milliner previously played keyboards with Black Cat Bones, a London based blues-rock based band who only released one album during their brief tenure together. Dave Skillin would eventually join prog-band Home, another little-known band. Stan Aldous is also known for the work he had done previously with garage band Odyssey. One could say that Aardvark were mainly a studio band with very little live dates to their name. Because of their very brief history, very little can be said about the band and it is their album that speaks volumes for what they were all about.

Copper Sunset

Aardvark (1970):
1. Copper Sunset
2. Very Nice of You to Call
3. Many Things To Do
4. Greencap
5. I Can't Stop
6. Outing
7. Once Upon A Hill
8. Put That in Your Pipe

Once Upon A Hill